martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Drama – Peliculas – Musicales… ‘La Era de los Idolos es Ahora’

Idol’s spectacular performances and singing that hooked the eyes and ears of the teens have changed. The idols who have already conquered the music industry, now started to receive TV roles and musical stages that had pushed idols on an onslaught strategy for the year 2010.

From here on call me ‘actor’

Regardless of the ratings, public still went on to enjoy national popular drama KBS 2TV “SungKyunKwan Scandal” with the “flower scholars” and the popular star trio who won the attention of the masses.

Especially TVXQ’s singer Park Yoochun, thanks to his leading role in “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, he’s able to show a new look of him to the public. Park Yoochun was already recognized as popular singer, yet as an actor he had to be sure to fit the role of the stereotype ‘smooth and cool’ like character and successfully maintain stable expressions.

-omitted parts mentioning other idols-

Musical idol rising ★

These days is hard to find musical performances which is not casting any idol.

The most prominent of these idol stars is JYJ’s Kim Junsu. He first set foot on the market as a musical actor with musical “Mozart” in last January, and once again will rise to the musical stage cast as the hero of “Tears in Heaven” that will be aimed to whole world.

As proof to the popularity of Kim Junsu, as soon as the “Tears in Heaven” site opened the ticket reservation, the server stopped functioning as being collapsed from too much traffic, and 5 minutes after reservation started a thousand seats were sold out. This Kim Junsu who boasts power as a singer has become a musical actor.

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